The Team



Kat Taylor-Sheehan (owner)


Born and raised in Germany, I came to the US in 2000. I have been riding and competing Icelandic Horses since 1981 both in Europe and the US.


Creekside Farm was founded in 2006 and has been operated as a breeding, training and sales farm, since. We have added hay production to our services, recently, and we are looking forward to providing the local horse lovers with quality coastal round bales starting in 2018.


We have a successful breeding program, which has produced great horses, which have been used for Sport, Leisure and Breeding both in the US and abroad. Two of our horses have participated in the World Championships so far.


Please contact us for any questions around the Icelandic Horse, its special traits, its needs and any other interest you might have around the breed.



Anna and Kevin Draeger


Both Anna and Kevin have been riding since their early youth and have a great love for horses, their well-being and their development.

Kevin has ridden Icelandic horses since he can remember and  has been competing in the Youth Cup in Europe, an international youth competition of all FEIF countries. FEIF is the governing worldwide organization for Icelandic horses.


Anna has been riding different breeds all her life and came to the Icelandic horses through her good friend Carrie Brandt of Taktur Icelandics in KY, where Anna grew up. She has a degree in equine science. 


Anna and Kevin are taking care of all Creekside Farm horses and are responsible for training the sales and young horses. They love to compete and show their work, as well as sharing their knowledge and experiences. 


Kevin serves on the board of the USIHC, the national organization for Icelandic horses. His vision is to create transparency between the board and the membership and to create avenues to grow the Icelandic horse market in the US.