Creekside Farm is a 200+ acre farm in Morgan County, Georgia. Most of the property is wooded, only approximately 90 acres are pastures, which we use for grazing and hay production.


The farm is adjacent to the Hard Labor Creek State Park.  22 miles of maintained riding trails wind alongside our property line with easy access.


We have a 250m oval track, a 300m pace track and an indoor arena for training in close proximity to the barn.


Our breeding and training has brought many great trail and competition horses to the US and Europe. One of our youngsters was bought and trained to participate in the World Championships, Junior level. His rider did an amazing job in training this young horse.


In addition to the breeding, training and sales operation we have added hay production in 2017. We are looking forward to serving the local horse community with excellent horse hay. 




Kat Taylor-Sheehan (owner) and family


Born and raised in Germany, she came to the US in 2000. She has been riding and competing Icelandic Horses since 1981 both in Europe and the US.


Her passion for the Icelandic horse runs deep and she is committed to her horses and farm in a way, that she is constantly on a quest to improve process around all topics of farm life and its organization. The well-being of the horses is of utmost interest.


Kat has served on the BOD of the national Icelandic horse organization ( for 10 years and has connections to breeders and trainers of Icelandics all over the world. She is a USIHC trainer level 2.


If you have a question about Icelandic horses, feel free to call. 


(706) 347-0900