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They did it! Nicole Kempf, the co-owner of our stallion Marel from Creekside (Breeder is Barbara Frische, Birkenlund Icelandics) rode Marel in another breed evaluation in Germany. They qualified to represent the US at the World Championships in Holland this summer in the breeding division.


Marel got 8.27 overall, with Conformation: 8.48 and Gaits: 8.13


This makes Marel the highest scoring US born horse, ever. We are very proud of Marel and his breeder is as well.


We will have frozen semen from Marel available for the 2018 breeding season in the US. Please contact us with questions.




Slowly but surely the new barn is getting closer to be completed. All horses are moved in and the operations are already in full swing. Today the outside living areas were finished and the stallions explored the new territory. 


We are very excited about the workability of this new building and the proximity to tracks and trails.

Especially in the Georgia summer heat, it is nice to have access to shaded wooden trails.


New beginnings.



Valentínus from Creekside Farm has arrived at his new home in Canada. He is a very interesting and promising young gelding out of two first prize parents:

Tangó frá Strandarhöfði (8.39) and Selma frá Feti (8.10)


We are excited about hearing, what his future brings.

The expressive Glóinn has a new owner! He is the son of Hera frá Hófi, a very spirited, fivegaited mare and Bjartur vom Hof Osterkamp. Bjartur is also the father of Marel from Creekside Farm.

Glóinn has five clearly separated gaits and is especially talented in pace.

It will be fun to follow him and post pictures and videos, when his education is further along.

Another jewel, we will miss his sweet personality.

Marel from Creekside Farm US20101004426

F: Bjartur vom Hof Osterkamp

M: Lára vom Neuenfelde

is the highest evaluated US stallion in 2015. He was evaluated in Germany at the german championship in July.

Conformation: 8.30

Gaits: 7.99

Total: 8.11

His breeder, Barbara Frische has received the Anne Elwell award from the USIHC.

We are very proud to own part of such a  promising young stallion and are looking forward to his future with Nicole Kempf in Germany. 

Several horses have been sold, like the beautiful Vilbergur von Birkenlund (pictured) and will be moving to their new owners before the end of the year. Congratulations to all!

All four year old horses are back outside in their herds enjoying a break and we have started our winter training with those horses, who are being shown next season.

We have a few tack items left for very reduced prices, saddles, blankets, winter overalls, white boots in different weights. Contact us for more information.


Let´s hope for great riding weather this winter.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Some interesting information: At the World Championships in Herning this summer, we had some connections to Creekside Farm Breeding. Prins from Creekside made it into the Finals    of T1 in the Youth Class and ended on 4th place. He is the first US bred horse, who made it into a WC Finals!

The world champion in the Fourgait Combination: Fönix frá Syðra-Holti, is a grandson of our stallion Óskar frá Litla-Dal.

The world champion in Fivegait: Hugur frá Flugumýri II, is a half brother to our stallion Kolbakur frá Flugumýri II, by the same father, Gaumur frá Auðsholtshjáleigu. The farm Flugumýri II is nominated for the icelandic prize of ´Breeder of the year´ for breeding the best Sport Horses. They not only bred the current world champion in Fivegait, but also the current Icelandic champion, Hrannar frá Flugumýri II.

The annual KY show was a big success. We traveled with 17 horses and all showed off, what they have learned in the previous months.


For the first time ever, we presented our breeding, just like it is done in Iceland so often, in a show program Saturday evening. We took Óskar frá Litla-Dal a very last time with us and officially retired him from the show circuit. He will remain in our breeding program. Kolbakur as the newcomer, three mares as representatives of the broodmares at home and 7 offspring were shown. 

Especially the 4 year olds, only 6 weeks under saddle, made a huge impression.

Thanks to all, who made this farm show happen and to all of our supporters at the oval track. We had lots of fun showing off our breeding and we are looking forward to bringing those youngsters to the oval track in the coming years.                                                                                              Pic: Kat Sheehan on Kolbakur frá Flugumýri II


Hannah and Sál win the beer tölt. It is especially remarkable, since Sál is a very spirited mare and the very controlled, slow tölt is not her favorite activity.... She rather shows her pace on a straight track or in the woods, however they worked really well together as a team :).


Congrats and Skál!

Pic: Sál frá Seli

The 5 year olds had their debut on the oval track and did well. This is a young son of Óskar frá Lilta-Dal.


Leifur is a fivegaited youngster, who was shown in Green Horse classes. He will be an interesting competition horse after more training.

Pic: Leifur from Creekside





We had such a great time!


Thank you to all who helped around our team to make our farm show successful.


We are looking forward to the next KY show in 2016.



 We are in full swing to prepare for the KY competition in October. It has been a whole year, since we showed any horses and we are very excited to move forward with new and old mounts.


We will be bringing several sales horses with us, so visit us in KY and have a look and try them out.



Pic: Eyrún Ýr Pálsdóttir on Gríma frá Sæfelli